What is investment-professionals.com?

This is a site for Investment advisors and professionals to advertise their services. This site is different than most sites because I spend a lot of time and energy on each page to make sure you get a great ranking to help you advertise your business. The site is easy to use and much more affordable than hiring an SEO to acquire the same rankings for you. Most SEO’s charge $200 to $10,000 a month for the service I am providing for your investment business. 

Types of Listings

  • Investment Advisors
  • Professional Investors
  • Wealth Managers
  • This is for whole Firms and Individuals.

Why am I building this site?


  1. High turnover rate for new advisors  I am actually an accountant who got into blogging and SEO. I understand that being a financial advisor is a hard career. There is a high turnover rate in the investment advisor industry. This page is designed to get your name out there when someone visits your local page through the link.
  2. Client Leads  New leads are valuable to your career success, so I am offering you a great way to advertise yourself. Most people don’t use the yellow pages anymore instead they search google. Getting SEO done for your personal site is extremely expensive and isn’t guaranteed or instant. I can quote you a price on SEO service but using this site will be less expensive.
  3. You spend a lot on advertising This will be the least expensive form of advertising that you will purchase. I have the feeling this will generate you more new clients than any other form of advertising. From talking with people in the investment advisor industry, I have learned that most financial advisors spend at least $2000 a month for advertising and client relations.

Thanks for visiting my site and feel free to try a free trial to learn how this works!

Best Regards,

Charles Woods